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Q.: How much time do you need to quote ? 
 A.: Unless the product has a very specific construction usually a quotation for a mold is send in 3 work days after we receive enquiry with all the necessary details.

Q.: What do you need to make a quotation ? 
A.: To make quotation which will be adequate and sufficiently competitive, we need 3 things:
        1. Product drawing or 3D model data file or product sample. If none of these are available, we need at least an ordinary sketch with the most critical dimensions of the product on it. 
        2. Kind of plastic resin you are going to use in manufacturing or an idea of the durability of the product ( what the product is or does ). 
        3. Estimated quantity of the product needed in a period of time ( i.e. one month ) and the idea of how many products in total you are going to make ( estimated total sales ).

Q.: I would like to have my mold built faster than you quoted. Is it possible ? 
A.: EPM's mold building lead time does not belong to the lengthy ones. On special request from clients and depending on our work load it is some times possible to make mold faster though the advancement cannot be big, just a few days.

Q.: Is it possible without a visit in your company to know whether my mold is being built on schedule ? 
A.: On clients requests we are giving a detailed mold building schedule and send weekly reports. The report may have digital pictures that show the progress of work

Q.: Why your EPM Mold often offer almost 10%- 20% more competitive quotation then another company. What is the reason for that ? 
A.: There are always 3 factors that have to be balanced and are reflected in every quotation: mold quality, delivery time and price. Quotations given by EPM have the 3 things well harmonized. The reason that you got a more competitive quotation for the same product is lying somewhere in that harmony.

Q.: Is is possible to build a mold for a price cheaper than I received in EPM's quotation ? 
 A.: There are many cases which we can notice when mold requirements are too exaggerated because of difficulties in exact defining of necessary product parameters . It is therefore extremely important to share with us all the information about the product, its use, functions etc. This will help us to look for a way to reduce costs given on quotation and in result your cost of mold

Q.: Can you only design a mold for me? 
A.: As mold manufacturers it is not desirable for us to make only designs so we can take such order only as an exception

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